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  • Lets send Thoughs of Energy for Triana as she prepares for her s...  more
  •   Game of Thrones Becomes a Murder Mystery   Last...  more
  • So, any peeps that know Me, know I love a Great debate... Here's...  more
  • Guide to Spirit Guides. Who They Are, What They Do and How We Ca...  more
  • By Rebecca
    Tue at 10:57 AM
    I'm new to the site and Paganism and still determining my path. ...  more
  • So once again this is something that I posted elswhere that I am...  more
  • I often wonder what Familiar one might have. I know we have a gr...  more
  • I posted this in another forum but I thought that this may be of...  more
  • Next Tuesday morning, the moon will be eclipsed by Earth's shado...  more
  • Good morning everyone, I just wanted to say how amazing the uni...  more

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  • Oh yes. the Martell family hates the Lannisters and the Baratheo...  more
  •   Healing Prayers and Energy to TrianaBlu... Get Well ...  more
  • Lets send Thoughs of Energy for Triana as she prepares for her s...  more
  • 9 hours ago
    hello and nice to meet you Rebecca, if you have any questions i'...  more
  • I read that the kid that played King Joffrey is retiring from ac...  more
  • OO and We can't Forget Dornish Prince Oberyn Martell ... Who has...  more
  • Personally, Wouldn't surprise Me a bit If Lord Tywin ordered it ...  more
  •   OH SNAP! I just though about something... Their's a new ...  more
  • Joffrey, granted in r/l is a nice looking collage kid. A great a...  more
  •   Game of Thrones Becomes a Murder Mystery   Last...  more
  • That is always music to my ears. I seem to be more focused then...  more


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  • April 11
    Posted by Pale Lady
    Still comfortable with just being a plain ol' Pagan.  :-)  I don't do magic or perform spells or chant, etc.  I do enjoy marking the seasons (wheel of the year) and eventually would like to observe them, in my own way.  Now, mind you, nobody in my family knows I'm Pagan.  So...
  • April 10
    Posted by TexMex
    You would think at my age I would know better.  You would think I wouldn't be such a sucker.  I am literally in a place mentally, emotionally, phyiscially that I have not been in for a long time.  My mind is in a whirl trying to figure out WTF happened.  How did it happen, can I ...
  • April 10
    Posted by Amberhawk
    Well, well, well...    One thing I notice in a lot of blog areas is that many (not all) people only share with the darker, more sad things going on. Sometimes news events or silly/odd things, but typically its personal and a bit down. I do run across the occasional happy, happy, life...
  • I have always found this site to be a very friendly and safe one. Nyx and her team of admins. work hard to keep this site free from spammers, trolls and other nasties, but even they cannot protect individual members from themselves! Recently I noticed that a members profile could be read not just b...
  • April 6
    Posted by Mojo Momma
    It feels like with every step, I want to run.  Escaping to place far away from this one. Living freely, living open.   You can't lock it down. You can't knock 'us' around. Born to fly, living like we could die.   Making our own paths, These are the gypsy rules, Never say nev...
  • April 4
    Posted by TrianaBlu
    OK Peeps..  Looks LIke I will be Out For a While  ... I Played, Now time to Pay " The Piper"... So to speak (= I will explain. I have Always Lived Life to the Fullest. Well... In Doing so, Have torn Myself up pretty good. Bucked off horses ( hate saddles) flown off snowmobiles ( damn ...

New Groups

  • This is a group for people with Aspergers disorder and people who want to learn more about the condition. I was diagnosed last summer while I was gone and would like to build up a network of people who have it, are willing to learn more about it as well as more about autism in general.
  • March 6 - led by Hawkeye
    What have you done for you lately? What gives you pleasure? What interests you and brings you laughs? Do you love to race from tree to tree on zip lines when you get the chance over raging rivers or lush jungle forests or are you into doing it between buildings? ;)- What lights you up? Share a ...
  • March 4 - led by Hawkeye
    Information from a Druidic point of view.... Come and share your ideas and help me learn from you ...... We can gather things for our Grimoire or BOS to pass on to those we care about teaching and sharing.... Hopefully this will be a place for discussions and enlightment....... /|\
  • February 6 - led by Daeamor
    Are you into forbidden arts? Do you want to know more about the deep occult? Join us demons and socialize.
  • January 3 - led by MasterMel2
    Do you identify with the lifestyle aesthetic known as Gothic? Do you like GOTHIC ART, MUSIC, CLOTHING? This is the group for you!

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  • Psychic jobs We are seeking talented, caring, and compassionate psychic readers, tarot readers and those with special skills. Work at home and setup a schedule that works for you. is a widely recognised, and respecte...
    • Location [map]
    Completely FREE 22-page ebook! At Camino De Yara, we wildharvest and sell many North African herbs. This ebook contains a full list of the herbs we offer, organized by magical uses, many original images for identification, and a full chapter on beginner Herbal Magic. We knew that there was very l...