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  • I am a wolf and a werewolf. I'm still learning more about being ...  more
  • Hi everybody!!! Im new to this religion but I am wanting to lear...  more
  • In Wicca
    September 14
    Hi everyone,   I'm not sure if this is the right forum to...  more
  • Greetings, everyone. I thank those who posted on my page for the...  more
  • Hi all,   I had a dream the other night that my teeth wer...  more
  • So I found this interesting spell that can be used to call upon ...  more
  • Below is a list of Members who's birthdays are in SEPTEMBER&...  more
  • This is the Day Your Light Came into the World, Now the Summerla...  more
  • Hello, im lyca and im looking forwadd to making friends, im a mo...  more
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  • Hi Sandy, we are happy to have you. Hopefully you will find some...  more
  • I would like to say a HUGE THANK YOU to Mr & Mrs Jim Sutter (FB ...  more
  • Sweetie, It's never to late... Jump on in.. I'm sure she never t...  more
  • I am a wolf and a werewolf. I'm still learning more about being ...  more
  • ~Waves~ Hi Hi... Ditto to what TrianaBlu said.. We are so happy ...  more
  • Hello Sandy (= So glad to have You with us... Here are a couple ...  more
  • Hi everybody!!! Im new to this religion but I am wanting to lear...  more
  • I hadn't thought of it either. I wonder if this technique could ...  more
  • Mon at 1:25 PM
    Hi Juniper ~ Some say there is meaning In everything ... other...  more
  • Tempest ~ I can see My Cat Sooo Doing that!! roglmsao ♥ Fi...  more
  • Mon at 2:22 AM
    ~Waves~ Hi Love, it's so wonderful to meet you... Thank you for ...  more


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  • September 13
    Posted by Amberhawk
    Well, its been another interesting couple months. I intended to write something every month at least but last month seemed to get away from me.   I have to say the last few weeks I've been quite happy. I've found myself humming or singing through this new place, making notes of what I want to...
  • September 11
    Posted by NocturnalNordic
    I find it hard to write such things, so bear with me on this. I don't often reveal my personal thoughts. *Contains swearing*   How long does it take to forget a relationship and a man that meant so much to you, you were willing to do something you said you'd never do? Because with him it...
  • September 8
    Posted by Doyenne Arcanna
    I have learned to be soft and learned to be strong I have learned to change, to allow and to stand I have learned to be who and what that I am ...   But I will never be tall or have dark warm skin I will never learn to hate on command nor whim   I have learned that the more I share ...
  • September 8
    Posted by Raven Rin
    Over the last few days I'm working and praying really hard to remain positive.  I've been trying for some time now to effect positive change in our lives.  One of those changes is Odin's new job, as a tree climber, which was supposed to be all in county work 40 hours a week and home every ...
  • September 7
    Posted by Stargazer13
    Hello there reader. I've been absent from here for too long. I only recently remembered this site.   About a year ago, I was involved in a rear-end car accident, resulting in my car being totalled. My healing process is still happening, and I'm not ready to talk much about it yet.   I...
  • Question: When Obama sent Seal team 6 into get Osama bin Laden... Did he tell the whole world what he was doing before he did it?? No, he just did it... then we found out. So, wouldn't that stand to reason that maybe... Just maybe he is doing the same with ISIS??? Why would You give an Enemy Wh...

New Groups

  • Project on Meditation , Music and Drumming.
  • September 1 - led by Sif
    Share with me your desires. Don't be shy! We ALL have fantasies. Some of us live them.....
  • Raven's Shire Coven is an Eclectic Coven located in Chattanooga, TN. Our main covenstead is currently located on Signal Mountain!
  • This is a group for people with Aspergers disorder and people who want to learn more about the condition. I was diagnosed last summer while I was gone and would like to build up a network of people who have it, are willing to learn more about it as well as more about autism in general.
  • February 6 - led by Daeamor
    Are you into forbidden arts? Do you want to know more about the deep occult? Join us demons and socialize.

Market Place

  • August 17 - posted by thewaxingmoon
    • Price $10.00
    • Location Sevierville, TN [map]
    The Waxing Moon's Hand Carved Candles are created by our family of artisans. As the candles emerge from their vats, these artists skillfully carve beautiful designs into the warm wax. Exquisite hand carved candles are unique creations. As well as the hand carved candles we also offer artisti...
    • Price $5.00
    • Location Everywhere [map]
    All I need is a recent picture of you and just $5. I will provide you with information vital to what is going on with you right now and what has been going in your most reccent past. Don't delay and get your information today. I am awaitng your message today. Services rendered are done directly from...