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  • Namaste and Merry Meet from Central ND!   I am new to th...  more
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  • The night falls and winds call out to me The moon light...  more
  • So my friend out of the blue asked me if I would live on Mars. A...  more
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  • Your Welcome Michael (=
  • Thanksgiving is one of my favorite days of the year because it r...  more
  •   Giving Thanks..  Share what you are Thankful For...  more
  • Thanks for sharing Triana!!!
  • Great to meet you and thanks for sharing!!!
  • Welcome Shadow. Pleasure to meet you. Am looking forward to y...  more
  • Hi Senelsya ... Merry Meet ... So happy to have You with us. You...  more
  • Namaste and Merry Meet from Central ND!   I am new to th...  more
  • Your Welcome Nyx... ♥
  • So Cool, thanks for sharing ♥
  • The Wampanoag Side of the First Thanksgiving Story ...  more



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  • October 25
    Posted by GawaineR
      A Strange Life by Gawaine C. Ross   I can’t claim that my life is more interesting than yours. Or, that it’s been sadder - Lord knows I’ve ...
  • October 23
    Posted by Boudi
    It's been some time since I last posted a blog post here. Reasons are plenty but the main reason is that I've finally, FINALLY, and I mean FINALLY, found the love of my life, my soul mate!!! Yes, I've been with a couple women since being divorced but those "relationships" weren't really relationship...
  • October 5
    Posted by mea
    sometimes it seems the seasonal vortex can be tedious. i tend to watch and notice more at this time of year. this year has this summer to fall change most tedious. the people i know are going through a lot of changes; including me! as i become more interdependent on my friends, i find myself empathi...
  • October 1
    Posted by mea
    i'm having a great time passing and dress out permanently now. been on a few days with guys. most people i meet are online and i have two that seem to connect with me more. one is a guy in alaska who is going through cancer treatments.. this is my second cancer patient. Mike owns his own business an...
  • For months now, I promised my friend, Cris Blakk, many months ago to blog about this hysterical meditation experience. I had to sit down and contemplate how to write this to make others laugh at this utmost hysterical experience. Cris and I have been close friends for nearly a year, maybe more, and ...
  • I would like to find a Wiccan coven in the city I live in, or in Olympia, the city next door. Though I'm not optimistic about finding one in my area through this medium.

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  • September 28 - led by OnyxSunray
    Are you Wiccan? Pagan? Got an incense recipe to share? Favorite herb? Anything Wiccan or Pagan to share? A Witches Path is the group for you!
  • Project on Meditation , Music and Drumming.
  • September 1 - led by Sif
    Share with me your desires. Don't be shy! We ALL have fantasies. Some of us live them.....
  • Raven's Shire Coven is an Eclectic Coven located in Chattanooga, TN. Our main covenstead is currently located on Signal Mountain!
  • This is a group for people with Aspergers disorder and people who want to learn more about the condition. I was diagnosed last summer while I was gone and would like to build up a network of people who have it, are willing to learn more about it as well as more about autism in general.

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  • Mon at 11:47 AM - posted by BurntWitch
    • Price $1.25
    • Location [map]
    All my Goddess Dollz are now 10.00 each and I have started adding my pattern designs for digi download!
    • Price $49.95
    Purple Tones colors, Lavender Dreams Tranquil Moments Throw.. (NOTE - Sorry for the differen colors in the photos, my camera was wonky. Purple Tones are more of a Dark Purple, than a pink)... Great for Collage Dorm Life, Child's Binky, Kids Bed, Camping in the back yard, long trips to grandmas, o...