Finding the God

  • I’ve been walking with the Goddess since 1990; and in all that time I never found a place for the God in my devotional life. For those who don’t know, I believe the devotional life is the heart of personal religion, which is in turn the foundation for celebration with a community. If you don’t have a personal relationship with the divine, there’s not much to celebrate; is there?


    I am a worshiper of Tana, the Strega goddess, although I am not an initiate of that tradition. About a year ago, I discovered that Aradia was something more than simply a human teacher, that she is herself divine, though not the same person as Tana herself. If that sounds complicated, I haven’t figured it out myself yet; I wonder, though, if it doesn’t mirror the Feri conception of the divine nature. More on that in a moment.


    During prayer a few days ago I got the bombshell that Cernunnos was to be paired with Aradia. There wasn’t a blare of trumpets or a burning bush; there was just the “definite impression” that I have come to associate with some of the Goddess’ revelations. When I began looking on-line for corroborative evidence, I re-discovered that Aradia and Cernunnos are often paired in British Traditional Wicca; and I remembered how ridiculous I thought that was when I first read of it, inasmuch as they come from different cultures. As I investigated further, however, it seems that Cernunnos may enjoy a much broader cultural basis than I used to think, and that he may in fact have been familiar to Italian witches.


    In the few days since this information came to me, I have felt a definite peace with Cernunnos as my personal God; and thus, as suggested above, the deity relationships in my life may mirror the Feri conception, with Tana as the Star Goddess overall and Aradia and Cernunnos as the Divine Twins. (I realize that Tana is the name of one goddess among many in the Feri tradition; but I only suggest that my experience may mirror theirs, not that it is identical with theirs.)


    It is very satisfying and more than a little exciting to finally have a god who fits in with my established deity relationships and with whom I can meaningfully relate. Oh, and here's another thought: what if the fairy tale, "Beauty and the Beast," is another mythic expression of the courtship of the Goddess and the God?